Aldford - Scissor Car Parking Lift

The Aldford scissor car parking lift has been designed to be as compact as possible for efficiency and space-saving thanks to its unique slim scissor design. The power controls are on a remote cabinet that also houses the motor and reservoir.

With the Aldford, multiple units can pack into spaces where you may have previously only been able to fit one parking lift. When collapsed to its low 330mm profile, the Aldford is a sleek, vehicle-sized ramp with absolutely no side posts.


  • Simple and spacious parking
  • Compact construction
  • Built to fit into almost any ordinary-sized garage
  • Easy to use
  • Low maintenance



Commercial – when it comes to turnover, many customers simply need more space to become more efficient. Many dealerships and parking lots can double their available parking with the Aldford, without needing to change buildings or purchase more space.

Domestic – the Aldford makes parking vehicles in your home garage easy, safe and simple. With a width of just 2.56m, it takes up little space and provides a perfect extra parking spot and is a suitable size for most passenger vehicles.

Low-profile vehicles – the approach ramp makes this lift perfect for low-profile vehicles, such as sports cars, race kit builds and vehicles with lowered suspensions. Most parking lifts can only achieve this with the extra-long approach ramps, but these take up a lot of precious space. 

On the Aldford, the approach ramp is kept short without being steep. It features a gentle incline onto the drive-on platform, ending in a small wheel trough that’s just deep enough to catch your wheels and keep them safe without scratching or denting your vehicle.

SUV vehicles – when the Aldford scissor parking lift is at full height, it provides a 1.9m underneath clearance suitable for SUV-sized cars to be parked.

Lift Features

  • Maintenance/inspection
  • Parking
  • Car elevator

Additional information

Weight1400 kg
Dimensions4.2 × 1.0 × 1.1 m

Aldford Scissor Parking Lift FAQs

How is the Aldford powered?

The Aldford lifting power comes from two hydraulic cylinders, with a balancing system to ensure a level lift at all times. This lifts staying power comes from a rigid mechanical locking system.

Will my scissor parking lift come with hydraulic fluid?

We are able to supply hydraulic fluid with your product and can be ordered with the lift. Alternatively, you can purchase this from  most automotive stores.

How do I use the Aldford?

It’s very simple. Press the ‘up’ button to the one lock stop set at 2.0m. Then, press the lock button. Your car will then be securely parked on the raised platform.

How will my scissor parking lift be delivered?

Depending on your premises and unloading facilities, your scissor parking lift will be delivered either via a curtain sided truck (suitable for large premises) or a flatbed truck (suitable for home deliveries). In most cases a forklift or similar would be required to unload the delivery truck. If you do not have access to a forklift or telehandler then please contact us for other delivery options. Unfortunately, we cannot deliver scissor lifts via a van as their footprint is too large to fit inside.

We are also able to send any of our products overseas. Find out more about our delivery service.

Can I install a scissor parking lift myself?

Whilst it is possible to install a scissor parking lift yourself, we do recommend that you utilise our installation service. If you would like to install it yourself, you need to have mechanical and electrical knowledge and competence. We are able to offer support over the phone and can also provide a self-installation sign-off visit to confirm you have installed your product correctly.

How do I know if I have the right premises for the Aldford?

Not every space will be suitable for a scissor parking lift. There are certain things that must be considered, such as a level floor and the ceiling height. At Strongman, we offer surveying services to ensure that your premises are suitable.

Do I need to service the Aldford?

The Aldford scissor parking lift is a low maintenance lift due to its design. However, we recommend an annual service to keep the lift in good working order. Like any valuable piece of equipment, it’s an investment that you’ll want to protect. Contact us for advice on how to maintain your lift or for a service quotation with our team.



Total width: 2562mm

Total length: 4000mm

Internal width: 2050mm

Lifting capacity: 2000kg

Power supply: 240 volt / 1ph


Parking lift

Aldford - Scissor Car Parking Lift