Conwy Canopy - Underground Car Lift and Basement Car Lift

The CONWY Canopy Underground Car Lift and Basement Lift is able to deliver an extra parking space. The lift requires a shaft or pit to operate in and will deliver safe and secure underground parking space often where it is desperately needed; at home. The canopy ensures that no parking space at ground level is lost and can be used to park a car on.

The Conwy scissor basement lift can similarly offer access to a basement area, opening up the possibility of constructing as large a basement as is required. With the lift raised any vehicle can be loaded onto the platform and then lowered to the basement level, it can then be driven off into the basement area or remain on the lift.

The top canopy can be specified to be used either to simply park cars on, ie whilst the main lifting platform is in the lowered position the canopy will be a ground level. Alternatively, it can be specified to raise a car on the canopy, so the lift will need to be capable of lifting two vehicles at the same time.   The solid deck structure and components are completely concealed below ground so there is no indication that a lift or second car is present when lowered, adding to its security credentials.

As a pit parking car lift it’s ideal for outdoor installation such as in front driveways, car parks, gardens, and garage access zones, providing as it does, double the car parking spaces whilst adding to convenience and safety of the vehicle parking.

All lifts are made to measure so can be tailor-made to individual requirements, budget and level of sophistication and complexity.  The lift can be used as a car elevator, designed to allow for a car to drive off the lower platform into an underground basement or car storage space.


The CONWY Canopy Scissor Basement car parking lift aka Underground Car Lift can serve as both a basement car lift as well as a lift for a basement garage, with the canopy offering either a simple cover over the main lifting deck or alternatively a secondary lifting platform to raise cars on.

Underground Parking: Installed as an underground car lift, the lift operates using a simple shaft offering a secure extra space below ground whilst the canopy covers the shaft top. The canopy can be finished with almost any material, often made to match the surrounding area, but that is entirely the owner’s choice.  These underground parking lifts are often found where space is at a premium, such as in urban and city centre locations, and additionally where security and the safe storage of high-value vehicles is an issue.   With the main parking platform in the lowered position, the canopy serves to close off the pit at ground level and provides a parking space. In many cases, the underground car parking lifts we have installed have been sited outdoors often close to the road and house. It is possible to install these lifts in pairs or even groups, however, there are other designs that can triple stack cars vertically underground if further parking capacity is required.

Basement car parking lift: alternatively, the Conwy scissor with canopy is installed to gain access to a basement level, where depending on the size of the underground area, the car can be driven off or left on the lift. As with pit parking, whilst the lift is down the canopy secures the opening and provides a parking space.

Key Benefits

  • Instantly double your parking but still only use a single space footprint
  • Indoor and outdoor models are available
  • Lift size and weight capacity customised to your requirements
  • Unobtrusive and secure – the lift and lower vehicle are completely concealed
  • Aesthetically pleasing – the canopy top surface can be tiled to match surroundings
  • Multiple units can be installed side by side for use in office car parks or apartments
  • The controls of the lift are available in a wide range of levels of sophistication
  • Simple and quiet operation particularly suited where operating noise levels are a factor
  • Safe and easy to operate

It’s all about choices. We have worked over the past fifteen years with a few well chosen factories offering you the customer the best choice between costing, range of finishes, and options. Our partner factories in both the Far East and Europe offer good value for money and we have installed a number of these lifts to date. With the owner’s permission, one or two are normally available to view as reference sites for serious buyers.  Practically all these Conwy basement lifts are manufactured as one-offs: ie to the customer’s specification & further requirements. The basic specification includes the lift platform size, load capacity, lifting height, power requirements, down to a simple choice of the paint colour.

Additional information

Weight5500 kg
Dimensions2.2 × 5.0 × 1.1 m


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Conwy Canopy - Underground Car Lift and Basement Car Lift