Conwy XL Scissor Lift - Floor to Floor Car Lift - Goods Lift

The CONWY XL Floor to Floor Car Lift is part of the Strongman range of large Floor Lifts, and is the larger brother to the Conwy Scissor Floor to Floor lift. As the name implies this Scissor Lift is designed to raise and lower vehicles and goods between the floors of any given building, including basements and mezzanine floors. All lifts are custom-built, so the lifts are made in line with the customers’ requirements.   The design is up-to-date with a remarkable range of platform sizes and lifting capacities, and if well maintained, will offer years of reliable quality powerful performance.

Because of the quiet and smooth operation of Scissor platform lifts they are considered by most as the pinnacle of lift design and will often be chosen as an upgrade over other designs offered.  Often they are the chosen design where the public are able to see the lifts working as they offer a ‘wow!’ factor – they are a large and impressive statement.

Lifting platforms can be custom designed to incorporate very high specifications.

We at Strongman offer a number of different designs for floor to floor lifts, all of which can do the same task, but the designs have different advantages and shortfalls, which can be quite lengthy to explain. For this reason, we are happy to discuss the matters over the phone or arrange a site visit.

The Conwy XL is a Scissor Platform Lift designed to raise cars and goods over a single floor or multiple floor levels, to floor heights up to 5.0m, other heights on application, and an impressive 5 ton lifting capacity, which makes the lift a good choice for multiple applications from car storage facilities to car dealerships.

Bespoke heights and weight capacities are available. We offer the full package from design, supply, to delivery and installation. All our scissors come with full CE certification and safety systems included.


The CONWY XL Scissor Floor to Floor Car Lift is the bigger brother of the standard Conwy design but the XL features a double scissor mechanism giving it a higher reach. Scissor Floor to Floor lifts, sometimes called Mezzanine Lifts or simply Floor Lifts provide one of a range of design options we offer that permit access to different floors to any building, be it basement upwards or ground floor downwards. Whilst most commonly installed indoors, the Conwy scissor lifts can be ordered with an outdoor kit, to be installed outside saving on valuable internal space.

Scissor platform lifts all require a pit for the mechanism to sit in, enabling the loading platform to finish up level with the floor. All large floor lifts and mezzanine lifts are made to order. The Conwy XL’s are a double scissor design providing durability and stability with a quiet operation with smooth lifting. They are a particularly good option for where the public will see them in operation, such as car showrooms and car storage facilities as well as any prestigious facility or indeed in private ownership.

This is a good mainstay scissor platform lift and is used widely throughout the motor trade and industry as a whole. As all lifts are bespoke, the platform and specification for the lift can be adapted to the individual clients’ requirements. Generally capable of lifting to floor heights of up to 5.0m, with an impressive 5 ton lifting capacity, making this lift a good choice for multiple applications from car storage facilities to busy main dealerships.

We offer the full solution from full CAD in house design, supply, to delivery and installation with our own installation team. We are able to offer bespoke lift packages tailor-made to your requirements.

Additional information

Weight6100 kg
Dimensions2.2 × 5.0 × 1.1 m

Conwy XL Scissor Lift - Floor to Floor Car Lift - Goods Lift