Mythe - Car Basement lift & Cargo Lift Warehouse

The Mythe Cargo lift is suitable for installation in many differing locations to service any number of floors within the building. Goods & car elevators are widely used in factories, warehouses, showroom, industrial plants, and modern stores moving products and supplies from one level to another providing fast, efficient, convenient transit to all mezzanines, basements, in any configuration of multi-storied buildings.

The platform sizes are custom-made to suit the client’s requirements, though many opt for standard pallet lift dimensions, which are based around pallet sizes and stillages, which sometimes vary from one facility to another. Likewise, the load capability is specifiable in line with customer requirements.

Whilst most goods lifts are installed indoors, we have the option to amend the specification of the Mythe in line with it being installed and operating outdoors. All major parts are galvanized, and the control gear is contained within IP-rated control box. Further measures can be taken if conditions so require.

The Mythe goods lift are self-supporting lifts that are surface mounted, this can potentially save the client expensive and disruption of groundworks and the necessity of getting the landlords’ to carry out the groundworks.

A self-supporting framework can also be constructed, this can be either a mesh framework or a full clad structure to meet your needs.

By using hydraulic rams and chains this lift offers a smooth and efficient lift, getting cargos up from one level to another. The lift can also be used for motorcycle dealers and distribution centres.

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The Mythe cargo lift. This highly efficient floor to floor lift brings many benefits to the workplace, being both practical,  hardwearing and dependable. The Mythe goods lifts are a proven tried and tested design, delivering an economically priced lift that will provide many hours of reliable and trouble free service.

Ultra shallow pit or up-ramps avoid the requirement for a pit, avoiding the sometimes troublesome requirement for a deeper pit required with other designs, often 600mm to 900mm deep.

Can be customised to include semi-enclosed or a fully enclosed cabin.


  • Tried and tested heavy duty design has been refined over many years of production.
  • Low maintenance coupled with reliability provides long term cost benefits and high productivity.
  • Benefits from being a freestanding structure.
  • The flush loading platform permits the lift to be surface mounted so requires no groundworks as such.
  • Adaptable design allows for a wide range of loading weights, platform dimensions and range of lifting heights.
  • Can be specified with a steel mesh enclosure.
  • Optional roller shutters, automatic gate openers.

Technical Features

  • Partial pre-assembled structure from our factory making the installation more efficient
  • Small space occupation
  • High precision and stable hydraulic drive
  • Automatic levelling; It is automatically stopped when the platform reaches the target floor
  • Overload protection: Hydraulic unit with overload protection device. If overloaded, the lift will not operate
  • Emergency Stop: The lift can be stopped immediately in case of an emergency
  • Emergency Lowering: The platform can be lowered down manually in case of building power failure
  • Anti-burst valves: The hydraulic system is equipped with anti-burst valves, which prevent the sudden drop of the platform if a hydraulic pipe fails
  • Safety sensor: Lift will not operate if the goods are not with the platform area

Customized pallet lift platform table, to suit single, double width pallets as well as a wide range of other specialised uses.

Motorbikes this model is ideal to be custom-built around the requirements of motorbike shops and dealerships, where access to upper floors is often required. Again the lift platform deck and lifting requirements for a motorbike lift will be made to order in line with the customer’s requirements.

If the requirement is for a totally flush loading deck, then the Mythe can be recessed into a shallow pit, or alternatively if surface mounted, then customizable up ramps can be supplied for the ground floor.

At Strongman Lifts we continually strive to improve the design and features of our lifts. Having been in business successfully since 2007, the images on our website reflect that length of time. If there is some particular feature or dimension that is particularly important to you and your purchase, you should check with the office before making any purchase. Thank you.

Additional information

Dimensions2.2 × 5.0 × 1.1 m

Optional Accessories

  • Mesh Surround structure
  • Clad surround structure
  • Roller shutter door
  • Double doors with auto locking system
  • Sensor board under platform
  • Gates and fences/rails on platform


A typical drawing below showing our Menai lift encased in a mesh structure:


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Mythe - Car Basement lift & Cargo Lift Warehouse