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The STRETTON Two Post Lift is the workhorse of most commercial garages and must be the nation’s most popular car ramp. Used universally in all types and sizes of workshops, odds on the venerable two-post hoist will be there. We offer three different models that cover every requirement most garages will need, an entry level manual release, the electric release, and the clear floor drive through. The standard specification on all the two posters is impressive, the modern design delivers a wealth of safety features, and the high quality materials and components coupled with the outstanding build quality make this range of lifts a truly rewarding investment.

We have our lifts manufactured to our own specification by a factory that specialises in producing high quality 2 post lifts; they know what they are making, this can clearly be seen in the finishing of the parts, the quality of the build excellent welding, and the heavy duty powder costing that will ensure many years of sterling service.

We offer a full installation service, though some customers may feel they can install the lifts themselves, we’d recommend that a lot of attention is given to the floor and the substructure which is particularly important with 2 post lifts and they rely to a higher degree on the floor fixing than other more equally balanced designs such as 4 post lifts.

Asymmetric 2 stage arms come as standard with all the 2 post lifts we sell and these allow you to lift anything from a mini to a van. They come complete with independent screw pad adjusters. Lifting capacity is 4000kg (4.0T) with a maximum lifting height of 1960mm.


The STRETTON:-  2 post Lift is the ideal maintenance lift and is an essential tool for most maintenance work and can be found in thousands of garages across the country. We present the three best loved and trusted models that are capable of allowing almost every major job to any vehicle up to 4 tonnes:

4.0 tonne manual: single point release entry level ramp that comes complete with all that you need to get going with an impressive specification, including automatic arm locking, low flat bridge between the posts and high-quality powder coating. Everything that you’d expect from a modern up to date design. Of course, like all our lifts, fully CE compliant. An ideal choice for lifts whose work cycle means that they won’t be going up and down repeatedly.  Available with 2 or 3 stage arms.

4.0 tonne Electric: as the name implies the safety locks are electrically operated. Same great specification as the manual with 95mm low clearance on the arms allowing easy access for everything but the lowest of sports cars.   The choice of two and three stage arms is available.

4.0 tonne Clear floor: the up and over model comes with standard electrical release and 3 stage arms allowing this model to handle larger vehicles such as LWB vans.

Taller columns are available: The standard height offers 3756mm clearance and the taller columns can offer either 4000m or the tallest offers 4500mm. these are not stock items and need to be ordered.

All lifts are CE compliant including low voltage 24v control panels. Power supply is single phase 240V.

This lift requires installation. Please ensure that you have got the relevant knowledge and experience in installing garage equipment prior to purchase.  If you do not have experience of this then please ask us for a quotation to install the lift for you.

Additional information

Weight800 kg
Dimensions3.0 × 0.4 × 1.00 m


The lift comes with the following standard features:

  • Lifting capacity up to 4000kg (4.0T)
  • Asymmetric 2 stage arms as standard with the lift models, this allows you to lift anything from a Minis to vans.
  • Low profile arms, 95 mm clearance to allow the arms to go under the car, ideal for low clearance cars.
  • Two height lifting blocks
  • Automatic arm locking system
  • Chain protection
  • Foot protection
  • Dust cover liner protection for the posts
  • The Clear floor models offer 3756mm. Taller columns available.


Optional accessories:

  • Floor support brace set available if your concrete floor thickness is less than the required 9”  (230mm) Ask for further details.
  • Height adapters for the pads suitable for SUVs, vans and 4×4 vehicles
  • 3 stage front arms ideal for long wheel based vehicles
  • Dust cover caps for the posts
  • Floor reinforcement plates -an essential for those without the required concrete depth and quality.
  • There are two taller columns available for the Clear Floor model increasing clearance from 3765mm to either 40000mm or 4500mm


What better; a two post or and four post lifts?

This will be entirely down to what you intend to use the lift for, and in part if you have any experience using 2 post lifts.

If you are looking to store a vehicle on the lift then the answer has to be a four post is the better choice as storing cars on two post lifts is not a great option, a four post is a better design to achieve that as they support the whole vehicle where as 2 post don’t. Four posts are great for most servicing work oil changes, engine and gearbox etc. If you want to also carry out repairs on brakes and suspension there’s always the option of a jacking beam which will raise the wheels and tyres off the platform.

Some of the Four post designs can also be moved around the workshop which can be a real bonus.

If you’re requirement is specifically working on your cars, then do consider a two post lift as they provide great access to almost every part of the car. They are however, need more attention to how they are used and how to they lift the car, and make sure you have good quality concrete to fix the post firmly to the floor.

If you’re not sure give us a call and we’ll talk you through it.

What lifting capacity lift should I buy?

This is an easy one but on we get asked a fair amount- obviously the weight of the heaviest vehicle that needs to be lifted, but if you’re a collector do think forward of cars you might want to buy in the future.

Modern EV’s are also adding kgs to the kerb weight of many popular vehicles.

How safe are your lifts?

Very safe,  all our lifts meet CE regulations build from good quality steel and high quality components often featuring additional safety features.

Is that right that most of your lifts run off domestic 240v mains power?

Yes nearly all our maintenance lifts and parking lifts run off normal mains power. You should be an electrician to check out the wring and fit a replacement motor rated breaker onto your RCD board though.

Do your lifts use special oil?

All our lifts use the most commonly used hydraulic oil ISO32 sold by us, as well as many motor factors and  farm equipment suppliers.

How high does the ceiling need to be?

This is an FAQ when customers are looking to buy car parking lifts. The simple answer is the height of the two vehicles plus the depth of the lifting platform, often around 120mm /4½” then a further 150mm 6” to allow the locking mechanism to work. There are way around these but if it’s tight, best to draw us a diagram and email it in.

For 2 and 4 post lifts the answer is less complex, the minimum will be the heights of the posts, but the main decider is will the ceiling height allow you to get under the car? If not consider one of the ever popular mid-rise lifts that will get you off the floor and from crawling under the car.

Do you offer financing?

Yes. Particularly with businesses where the spreading of the installation cost can be spread over an number of years makes perfect sense and permits the business to take advantage  of the large tax incentive to invest in capital equipment. Check with  your accountant!  We have a number of Leasing companies who specialise in   this field and have established good working relation with.

Private leasing has changed over the past few years and is less popular than it once was, as other funding options have become available.

Please email or call with your details.

What is the advantage of the Clear Floor 2 Post design?

The advantage of the Overhead Clear floor Two post design is that it gives you an unobstructed floor to get your vehicles in place, the down side is that you’ll need a taller building  to accommodate it ~3.65m/12’.

The more popular and economic, are the floor plate design models, that have a plate that runs between the posts.

How thick does the concrete have to be?

The recommended thickness for 2 post maintenance lifts is 2230mm/ 9” of high quality 3000psi concrete and 4 post lifts require at least 125mm/ 6” of good solid concrete recommended 3,000 PSI. Please also pay attention that lifts ideally should be installed on a single slab of concrete i.e. not straddling to slabs, nor should the post be fixed on the very edges of the slab, but at least 150mm 6” in from the edge. Close run thing, please give us a call as there are ways around some of these points.

Self installation

Please note that we do not accept any liability for personal injury caused or damage caused as a result of a lift being fitted by anyone other than our own Strongman employee. We sell all our lifts with the expectation that they will be installed by fully competent engineers or fitters in accordance to the manufactures instructions.

How do I know if my concrete floor is good enough? The simplest way of getting a guide is to drill a test hole that will tell you how deep you slab is. NB you might need to buy a longer drill bit to get down to the required depths 100mm/4” for most lifts & 150mm/6” for single and two post lifts is a rough guide. If you have any doubts please drop us a line.


Concrete base for lift2 post size

Pls note for the Clear floor model there are two further  two optional column heights available, increasing the clearance from the standard 3756mm to either 4000mm or 4500mm

Concrete foundations Spec

2 post Lift concrete baseConcrete base for lifts

Stretton - Two Post Lift - Two Post Ramp