Telford - Single Post Car Parking Lift - One Post Stacker

The TELFORD Single Post Parking Lift is regarded by some as the ultimate in car storage lift design as it delivers the same functionality as other auto stackers but with a minimum of fuss and maximum design flare. Built to high standards this outstanding lift delivers excellent performance and will keep its good looks and keep delivering its space saving practicality too for years to come.

The Telford is an ideal car storage lift choice for locations that not only need to double their car parking spaces, but also where raising the car up and out of the way, will provide valuable working space underneath. With the platform raised the single post parking design of the Telford delivers an uncluttered area leaving the floor space free from obstructions other than the post itself.  Moreover, the base plate can be set into the floor giving a flush finish. See the technical section and please feel free to contact us for more details.

The Telford single post lift provides the ideal parking lift solution for both domestic and commercial users, wherever space is at an absolute premium.

Fully CE Compliant, powered from a home 240v single phase supply, this parking lift will raise a car of up to 2000kgs to a maximum 1850mm. The lift comes with mechanical locks providing safety of both cars and users.

Wireless controls available.

Custom colours and finishes can be specified.


The TELFORD Single Post Parking Lift offers what is thought by some as the prince of parking lifts offering as it does a truly minimalist approach to car stackers. The single post design offers unrivalled, uncluttered space in and around the parking area, an absolute boon if space is ultra tight. The Telford single post stacker has an ultra small footprint and permits life to go on more or less as before, yet offering double the amount of parking spaces. The footprint can be further reduced by sinking the lift’s frame into the floor allowing for easy through access if required.

The Telford has a lifting platform that is simplicity in itself. With its wide low deck it’s easy to drive cars on and off, and the simple controls mean that this parking lift can be used for standard streetcars, sports cars, and wide door coupes too, without the need to be ultra careful with the car doors, which can be an issue in cramped spaces and getting in or out of a low car with wide awkward doors.

As you would expect from such a user friendly car parking lift, the unit works off standard 240v mains power, so there is no need to bring in a special and expensive three-phase power supply for this lift. just get your electrician to check out that your electrical wiring is OK, and perhaps put in a motor rated breaker on your RCD (fuse board)  if needed,  and you’re ready to go.

If space is really tight, and or if a really stylish look for the room is being planned, then remote mounting of the motor pump unit can be considered. In both of these circumstances, a site visit would be well worth considering and pay dividends long term.

Strongman Telford Single Post Parking Lift:

  • Space saving design minimises footprint used
  • Thin profile platform maximises the height available for the cars, very useful in low garages
  • Solid platform preventing drips on the vehicle below
  • CE certified
  • Low power consumption 2.2kw motor
  • Automatic mechanical locking mechanism, electric lock release
  • 24V low voltage controls with extendable control unit
  • Wifi controls are available as an option
  • Manual override in case of power failure
  • Can be customised

Additional information

Weight1600 kg
Dimensions2.4 × 2.2 × 1.1 m

Technical Points

Technical considerations:

The Telford requires a minimum of 9”  reinforced, level and cured concrete base with a strength of at least 3000psi. It is important that this is discussed fully before purchase as the lift relies on a single post and it’s fixing to support the whole off centre load.

The Telford lift can have the base plate buried in the floor, providing a flush floor finish. Please note that this will reduce the headroom under the platform.

Please contact us for more information. Below is the drawing showing the template to bury the base plate into the ground. Again, please check with the office before starting any works, as lift dimensions are subject to change without prior notice.



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  • The Telford can be ordered with remote wifi controls.
  • Additional Lighting above  and below the lifting platform
  • 13amp electrical sockets
  • Adjustable positioning for height limit switch so suit each customer’s individual requirements
  • Remote mounting for pump and control box away from the lift.
  • Can be custom built to deliver any almost level of sophistication.


Car Lifts and Car Hoist by Strongman Lifts
Telford parking lift

Telford - Single Post Car Parking Lift - One Post Stacker