A Four Post Lift Install

Car Lifts and Car Hoist by Strongman Lifts

About The Project

You’ve decided on a 4 Post Lift.

Well, if your name is Martin and you live near Newcastle, you did.

You speak to the supplier; they take all the relevant details regarding the size of your garage, types of car you’re going to work on, or store;  your architect is happy and according to the drawings it’s going to fit. The council have signed off the plans, we’ve agreed the price, you’ve paid!

What happens now?

Your lift is selected from stock and loaded onto transport

Then we set about transforming the garage left by the builders from a single car store to one that’ll securely hold your prize possessions.

We complete the install, thoroughly testing and demonstrating the lift, before leaving the site clean and tidy and taking all our tools, packaging away.

A job well done!

Project Details

Car Lift Used