Dean – Car Parking Lift – Low Entry Auto Stacker

The DEAN Car Parking Lift is a uniquely designed four post parking lift made in collaboration with Strongman to manufacture a dedicated out and out no-compromise car parking lift. This low profile car stacker is the culmination of many years of work and experience.

When we set out to design the ultimate auto stacker, the design criteria were lengthy with the top four “must have” on the list being:

  1. simple drive-on drive-off
  2. low angle entry
  3. simple access to vehicles parked under the lifting platform
  4. maximise space

Having spoken to hundreds of satisfied car parking customers, we were able to gather the collective experience and expertise from our own experience of installing thousands of parking lifts in hundreds of locations and for many, culminated in the definitive car parking lift model. The culmination is a hybrid of all the pro’s of the traditional 4 post design combined with nearly all the advantages of a two post parking lift. This is some achievement, particularly when the package is delivered complete with an affordable and competitive price tag, making the Dean arguably the best value for money car parking lift on the market.

This parking lift features an easy to drive on, full width drive up-ramps and a full width platform, coupled with simple to use controls, making this an obvious choice for both commercial and residential installations. Commercial sites such as car storage businesses, will benefit from a wealth of other features that the Dean has designed into its DNA, see the list below but never has car storage been so easy.

Dean – Car Parking Lift – Low Entry Auto Stacker


The DEAN Car Parking Lift was cleverly designed with commercial car storage and car showrooms very much in mind. The customers kept looking at the two post parking lifts, and the four post parking lifts and asking why couldn’t we combine the advantages of those designs into a new super lift car parking lift? This,  we are proud to say we have 100% achieved all those goals and delivered them in a price competitive package with the Dean.

The Dean is ruggedly designed to take as much rough and tumble as the businesses car store can throw at it. The wide-angle of approach and low angle ramp means it is particularly suitable for storing Super Cars, Sports and Exotic Cars, and all but the lowest of Track Day cars. The Dean four-post parker also offers plenty of space for awkward opening doors like gull-wing doors found on exotics.

The platform is made up of galvanised slats that interlink over each other offering the best protection in the market for the vehicle parked under the parking deck, from any drips. It also makes it possible to change the slats in the future should any corrosive liquids get spilt.

  • Unobstructed car door opening
  • Set back posts delivering uncluttered manoeuvring in and around the lifts in the storage areas
  • Wide angle of entry onto the lifting deck
  • Low entry platform ramp permitting all but the lowest race day cars to be parked without difficulty
  • Easy drive-on drive-off
  • An electric release locking mechanism system
  • Sensational looking full width wave plate deck offers unprecedented protection for the cars parked underneath
  • The design has an offset post pattern, which is needed to deliver class leading space utilisation, whilst managing to avoid the front line platform themselves see-sawing backwards and forward, leaving a clear straight line along the front of the lifts
  • Extra height clearance under the lifting platform up to 2.0m taller than most other parking lift designs, this permits taller than average cars to be stored underneath the deck
  • The affordable ticket price lends this model a clear advantage over many other car parking lift options

At Strongman Lifts we continually strive to improve the design and features of our lifts. Having been in business successfully since 2007, the images on our website reflect that length of time. If there is some particular feature or dimension that is particularly important to you and your purchase, you should check with the office before making any purchase.  Thank you.

Additional information

Weight1200 kg
Dimensions4.2 × 0.6 × 1.1 m


Car Lifts and Car Hoist by Strongman Lifts

Car Lifts and Car Hoist by Strongman Lifts

Car Lifts and Car Hoist by Strongman Lifts


Lifting Capacity: 3600kg

Car Lifts and Car Hoist by Strongman Lifts