Glenfinnan – Classic Car Parking Lift – Classic Car Ramp

The Glenfinnan Classic car Parking Lift delivers through its 4 post parking lift design, a simple and reliable way to double your car storage, from one car parking space to two!  The Glenfinnan is not only a Parking Lift though, it is also a Home Maintenance Lift offering the option of adding a jacking beam for those who have larger projects in mind, more than simple day to day vehicle maintenance. The Glenfinnan lift comes with a set of 3 Drip trays free of charge.

This 4 post stacker can also be purchased with a mobility kit that turns the unit into a fully mobile lift enhancing its usefulness and potential uses. A further asset is that this 4 post stacker doesn’t need to be bolted down, it can be used as a free standing car lift, though we’d recommend if using the Glenfinnan for more arduous heavy-duty tasks, e.g. engine removal, gearbox-out level of jobs, that pinning the lift down would be recommended.

At Strongman Lifts we continually strive to improve the design and features of our lifts. Having been in business successfully since 2007, the images on our website reflect that length of time. If there is some particular feature or dimension that is particularly important to you and your purchase, you should check with the office before making any purchase. Thank you.

Glenfinnan – Classic Car Parking Lift – Classic Car Ramp


The Glenfinnan Classic car Parking Lift (Supplied with a set of three Drip trays) is smaller than the standard multifunctional lift that was specially designed by Strongman to suit smaller cars like sports cars and classic cars. Almost identical to its bigger brother the Bonar lift, and like the Bonar it is a dual purpose lift suited to both providing an extra parking space as well as allowing it to be used for light and routine maintenance.

As a Home Maintenance Lift, the four post design is one of the best known and reliable lift configurations, allowing the lift to be used for maintaining vehicles, with the optional jacking beam, as well as an optional mobility kit that allows the lift to be moved around the site.

Whilst being used it’s advisable to give some thought about how best to fill-in the centre section, there’s the option to buy plastic or metal infills. This is a great option if the car is used primarily as a Parking Lift but not that advisable if you also use the lift to carry out maintenance – those infill panels can be pretty heavy.

Another consideration is how flat is the floor. Ideally, the floor should be flat level and smooth but if  that’s not possible then the design on this Bonar with its ladder rack system, can help a fair bit to getting the lifts set up and working well.

The adjustable locking ladder system allows you to change the locking interval positions of the platform height.

In brief

  • Smaller than standard car lift that allows it to be installed in a wide range of domestic garages and smaller specialist garages and workshops.
  • Ideal for home garages, workshops, car dealerships, car transport companies, and car storage facilities
  • Suitable for smaller modern cars, sports cars and classics.
  • Can be freestanding or fixed to the floor
  • ​​Mechanical ladder lock system provides long term parking security

Additional information

Weight1000 kg
Dimensions4.2 × 0.6 × 1.1 m

Glenfinnan Car Parking Lift FAQs

How is the Glenfinnan powered?

The motor for this 4 post car parking lift is rated at 2.2 kW and works off standard electrical supply of single phase 240V – it requires only a 16 amp supply & a motor rated C or D rated breaker. The lift control panel comes with safety 24v push button controls.

Where is the motor located?

The motor can be located on the left hand rear or the right hand front post. The normal position is the side face and this will add 250mm onto the overall width of this lift.

If your building space is tight, then the power unit can be mounted onto a nearby wall. Alternatively, we have an optional 90 degree bracket for the power unit to be mounted on the front or rear post face.

Is the Glenfinnan CE compliant?

This 4 post car parking lift is fully CE compliant.

Does the Glenfinnan need to be bolted down?

The lift doesn’t have to be bolted down, but if more complex and heavy jobs are undertaken then you might feel safer bolting it down.

Does this lift come with a warranty?

This lift comes with a 12 month component parts warranty. There is no on-site call out warranty implied with this lift. The warranty can be increased to 24 months for an additional £150.

What type of vehicles can I lift?

With a lifting capacity up to 3000kg, the Bonar can lift cars, SUVs, 4×4s and small vans.

How will my Glenfinnan lift be delivered?

Depending on your premises and unloading facilities, your 4 post car parking lift will be delivered either via a curtain-sided truck (suitable for large premises) or a flatbed truck (suitable for home deliveries). In most cases, a forklift or similar would be required to unload the delivery truck. If you do not have access to a forklift or telehandler then please contact us for other delivery options.

We are also able to send any of our products overseas. Find out more about our delivery service.

How can I install the Glenfinnan?

This lift does require a knowledge of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical to complete the installation. Please ensure that you have the relevant knowledge and experience in installing garage equipment, we do recommend that you utilise our installation service. If you would like to install it yourself, you need to have mechanical and electrical knowledge and competence. We are able to offer support over the phone and can also provide a self-installation sign-off visit to confirm you have installed your product correctly.

See more information on Self Installation on our Home page FAQ’s.

Can I collect from your warehouse? 

Yes, you can, given enough notice and of course, you’ve paid for the goods!



Optional Accessories

Mobility kit  – Allows for the lift to be moved around your building floor. When using the mobility kit, cars must not be stored on the lift. Moving the lift over your level concrete floor is a two-man operation.

Jacking beam  – Make your life easier and purchase our jacking beam too! You can then raise an axel off the platforms, allowing you to take the wheels off. Our jacking beam comes with 3 mechanical locking positions that allows you to leave the car in the air for a period of time. Rubber block set included. Tech sheet: jacking beam

Infill panels – Option to choose from Aluminium checker plate or galvanised steel wave slats. The Infill panels replace the drip trays to provide a solid platform deck.  For load bearing choose the galvanised steel slat option. Please note the aluminium checker plate option is sourced from our factory only.


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Glenfinnan spec

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