Car Lifts and Car Hoist by Strongman Lifts

Here at Strongman we offer a complete installation service, with a choice of both our own in house engineers and a network of local installation companies for clients a little further afield. For those clients who want that extra piece of mind knowing that their lift has been installed correctly and is safe for them to use for years to come then we definitely recommend our installation service.

Project Management

In installation service can be catered to whatever level you need of us. For example for multi lift installations we can carry out full project management, handling hire of lifting equipment, waste disposal and multi drop deliveries. One of the reasons customers choose us is that we can take responsibility for the complete project for you. When we initially speak to you about your project we will discuss things such as what space is available for the installation, for example, are there going to be cars already in the way whilst we are assembling lifts or do we have free roam of the area. Is there space for the lifts to be delivered and stored on site if multiple lifts are being purchased? From this we can work out what equipment is going to be needed for a successful installation and how many engineers are going to be needed and for how long. Because of the number of variables, it is not always possible for us to just give a blanket installation rate as each installation needs to be handled individually.

Electrics / Groundworks

Strongman Lifts do not carry out onsite electrical work, so it is the client’s responsibility to have their power supply in place ready for the installation.  The customer’s electrical needs to provide the necessary electrical supply together with correct sockets,  these need to be in place prior to our engineer’s arrival.

As with the electrical supply, we do not carry out any groundworks however, we are happy to advise what you need in both instances.  

Self Installs

Although we recommend our installation services we do however offer reasonably priced telephone or zoom support packages for clients who are looking to install themselves.

We also offer as an alternative, an engineer’s sign off visit, to ensure that your lift/s have been correctly installed and set up correctly. 

Our Installations

Our Clients

We are proud to have supplied car lifts to some of the biggest names in the automotive industry.