Bewdley – Triple Car Stacker – Car Parking Lift

The BEWDLEY Triple Parking Lifts are also known as triple stackers. This lift design enables three cars to be parked in the footprint of a single space. The perfect solution for storage of multiple vehicles, whilst taking up minimal space. The design, layout and install of these lifts can be carried out in house by Strongman, and with over 15 years of experience in this sector under our belts, you can rest assured you are in safe hands.

The basic design principle is that of placing an extra tall four post lift, over a standard height four post parking lift. The finished design adds different levels of intricacy to provide a very useable and practical parking lift.

Ideal for commercial environments and storage businesses that want to capitalise on their space. In fact, if you have the internal height this can be installed in domestic and barn buildings too.

Bespoke made to measure units can be manufactured to your specific needs, though there is a minimum order requirement for the factories and a premium to run exclusive one-off dimensions. The design can also offer a shared post system, which delivers further savings – over a number of units this can sometimes mean being able to squeeze in an extra triple lift in a row, providing more storage and extra business. For bespoke lift dimensions and colour options to meet your requirements – please contact us.

Bewdley – Triple Car Stacker – Car Parking Lift


The BEWDLEY is a Triple Car Stacker, aka Triple Parking Car Lift, and gives those storage businesses a very competitive edge delivering as it does a critical advantage, by converting a single parking space into three spaces, which will delight all the company accountants and businessmen contemplating adding the Bewdley to their facility!

This triple auto stacker lift as the name implies allows 3 cars to be parked over the same parking footprint of a single car. Ideal for commercial environments and storage businesses that need to capitalise on their space and maximise the storage potential. In the main, because of height constraints, these triple stackers are generally installed in commercial premises, though in fact if residential premises have sufficient internal height, then there’s no reason why they can’t take advantage of these triple parker space optimising lifts.

The lift design is derived from a tall 4 post lift that sits inside a standard 4 post lift, which can both work independently. There are some additional sophisticated features that improve the overall performance of the lifts.

Shared Double Side Post Design: having double sided posts allows you to daisy chain these lifts and really maximises your floor overall footprint. It also makes it a more elegant installation as this system gives you a clean straight finish to the row.

Independent Platforms: each parking platform works independently so if you want to, you can just take up the top car rather than having to take up the bottom platform at the same time. Individual control panels for each platform make it clear what you are operating and touch button controls mean the lift will stop immediately as soon as you remove your finger.

When the lift is raised to your desired height, simply press and hold the lock button, this will lower the platform onto the nearest lock position and engage the solenoids. When the lift comes to a rest, you can remove you finger from the lock button. Your lift and vehicle are now safely parked.

Extra Long Approach Ramps: double length up ramps for the top level allow lower profile cars to access the platform without bottoming out. The platform up ramps are hinged (see photos) allowing them to be folded back, this reduces the length of the ramps when raised. Simple lift on lift off up ramps can also be specified at the order point.

Available in custom colours, contact us for more information.

Bewdley Car Stacker_Single lift drawing – Click here
Bewdley Car Stacker_2 lifts with shared columns drawing – Click here

At Strongman Lifts we continually strive to improve the design and features of our lifts. Having been in business successfully since 2007, the images on our website reflect that length of time. If there is some particular feature or dimension that is particularly important to you and your purchase, you should check with the office before making any purchase. Thank you.

Additional information

Weight2500 kg
Dimensions5.2 × 0.6 × 2.2 m


Specification :

  • Lifting Capacity: 2700kg per platform
  • Pendent Control Supply: 24V low voltage, push and hold buttons – Up / Down & Lock, Emergency stop button
  • Power Supply: 240V 50Hz (3ph 380V optional)
  • Motor: 2.2Kw – Lift motor supplied with 16A male commando plug with 4 metres of cable (per platform)
  • Up ramps: Fixed with hinges – fold back on themselves by 50%
  • Unit Weight: 2250kg
  • Concrete Thickness Spec: 200mm


Optional accessories:

Metal infill trays – These prevent any drips from the car above falling on the car below. They are also load bearing, ideal for storing three wheeled cars or trailers. Can be painted to match the lift or a galvanised finish.

Coiled Wire – Replaces the standard flexi wire and can be used for the lift main power and for the control panels.


Electric Lock Release:  The lift uses a mechanical locking system. When raised the lift platform rises to the  preset position, then the platform lowers on to the physical mechanic locks. When pressing the down button on the control panel, the control raises the platform and then when raised off the mechanical locks, the system sends a signal to each of the solenoids on the corners of the lift, this allows the platform to come down, making the operation nice and simple.

Each lift platform has a 24V electric lock release system.

Supplied as standard with a 2.2kw motor that requires standard 240v single phase power supply.

Requires a 16A C or D rated circuit breaker in your RCD.

3 Phase 380V is available upon request.

The pendent control panels are 24V low voltage for safety.


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