Donnington – Car Parking Lift and Car Stacker

The DONNINGTON Car Parking Lift is considered by many as the ultimate car parking lift and if our success with this lift is anything to go by, it must be rated as the number one choice for car storage businesses and car collectors throughout the UK and beyond.

This car stacker is incredibly versatile in the range and types of vehicles it can accommodate, from big and tall 4×4’s down to ultra low supercars. The lifting platform is wide and ultra low permitting a wide angle of approach and easy parking with the wide flat bed being as user friendly as you can get. The lift comes in a standard 2100mm wide bed, but can be ordered in several other widths to suit the cars going into the store and maximising precious floor space. Another space saving feature is the shared post design, effectively forming a daisy chain of lifts, seen in many of the photos here, this ensures that there is less footprint used up by the lift, and the maximum space is available for the vehicles.

Likewise, whilst the standard lifting weight is 2.3 tonnes there are several other options, even if you happen to be looking to stack Hummers, we have the solutions!

The galvanised metal platform deck stops all but the very worst of car leaks from falling on to any vehicles below, whilst itself being ultra thin so optimising the usable space both above and below. Apart from the user friendly drive on drive off capability of the lift, the controls are a doddle to work too and can be mastered with a very short training session.

The all round capabilities and the robust design have found favour with a wide range of users, with  Car Storage Companies and Car Collectors being the biggest appreciators of the model. Other customers include car dealerships showrooms doubling up their car storage spaces, housing developers, car hire companies, office block staff parking, apartment blocks and new business parks.

Donnington – Car Parking Lift and Car Stacker


The DONNINGTON Car Parking Lift is the most popular Car Stacker/ Car Ramp we sell and install. Over the years we must have sold and installed literally thousands of them. The reason is pretty plain to see – the design is slim and takes up hardly any space, whilst providing an economical, reliable platform for stacking all sorts of vehicles. It is, without doubt, an unqualified success.

The models undoubted success is in no small part down to the outstanding design that prioritises space saving over everything else, delivering the maximum useable space for manoeuvring and parking of the cars – with that in mind it is an out and out winner. Unlike traditional four post lifts and other stacking lifts where you will have an abundance of posts and two thin runway platforms you have to line up with pretty head-on, the Donnington design gives you a very wide angle of approach, a complete full width up-ramp and absolutely no obstructions to get the vehicles on and off the platform. A solid galvanised platform allows the user to simply drive their car onto the platform, get out of the vehicle, free of any obstructions and then raise their vehicle to reveal a second space underneath.

Whilst we have concentrated on the multiple install advantages of the Donnington, it works well as a single Car Parking Lift for homes and smaller garages where a few additional spaces would be of great benefit.

The ideal choice for car dealerships

By keeping the posts to the back of the lift it gives the appearance that the cars are just parked on a plinth. So when aesthetics are a concern this is the lift to choose, offering clear views of the car and really showing it off. The solid platform makes it a doddle to drive on and off and prevents any drips of oil onto cars below.

At Strongman Lifts we continually strive to improve the design and features of our lifts. Having been in business successfully since 2007, the images on our website reflect that length of time. If there is some particular feature or dimension that is particularly important to you and your purchase, you should check with the office before making any purchase. Thank you.


Additional information

Weight1200 kg
Dimensions3.5 × 1.0 × 1.1 m


Key Features

  • Potential to double the number of parking spaces for your facility
  • Utilises existing footprint of single full-size parking bay
  • Available in a number of different widths, the standard width being 2100mm
  • Available in 3000kg, 2700kg, 2300kg lifting capacity
  • Simple-to-use
  • Low-maintenance
  • Easy vertical smooth lift
  • Comprehensive safety system and features including anti-fall hook and emergency brake mechanism
  • This simple to use system is ideally and most commonly used in long stay parking situations or in the domestic sphere to double driveway capacity.
  • Ideal for areas where there are height clearance issues as this requires a clearance height of 3600mm so fits well into basement parking areas and multi-storey environments
  • Perfect for valet parking

Technical details

Just by the touch of a button and the lift will continue to rise till you remove your finger. Complete fail safe locking system with multiple latch positions in each post so you know your car is safely stored away. Then to bring it down again just keep your finger on the down button until the lift reaches the floor and the control gear does the rest for your, automatically disengaging the locks and lowering the lift down on the hydraulics.


Car Lifts and Car Hoist by Strongman Lifts


Car Lifts and Car Hoist by Strongman Lifts