Cartland – Triple Car Parking Lift – Triple Car Stacker

The CARTLAND Triple Car Parking Lift raises the bar on standard Car Parking Lifts, by going higher and better. The sleek two-post design has the capability of stacking three cars on the metal deck platforms, with the added advantage of when platforms are raised, the supporting posts are placed well back to offer maximum space utilisation.

Because of the Cartland height it’s often utilised for outdoor car parking, the most common being for offices, hotels, car distributors, main agents and manufacturers, business parks or industrial estates or staff parking. The Cartland is as elegant as it is a practical solution, for all overcrowded car parks. The footprint is tiny in comparison with its lifting capability, being only 4.85m long by just under 2.7m wide. An additional bonus is that amazingly the lift runs off standard 240v single phase power supply.

The lifts are simple to use and have optional access packages permitting only authorised personnel to use the lifts.

Modern warehousing units have often got the height to be able to accommodate these triple stack car parking lifts, which makes a lot of business sense maximising the building potential and a viable alternative to putting in a mezzanine floor.

Strongman offer the complete range of services, all in house, to deliver these lifts fully installed to your premises, starting with design and layout, right through to offering after sales extended warranty and service packages, as well as offering on-site staff training.

Cartland – Triple Car Parking Lift – Triple Car Stacker


The CARTLAND Triple Car Parking lift is a well trusted and well developed stack car parking lift design. The decks of the lifts are designed in a way to prevent any drips from the cars parked on the decks to drip onto the vehicles below.

The stylish and effective design delivers unparalleled performance from a tiny footprint, and achieves this at a very economical price point, making it impossible to ignore if you are considering triple stack car hoists and maximising your business returns. A separate control box permits mounting in any number of positions. The slatted galvanised platform design reduces oil drips on cars below and makes it easier to drive on.

With the ever-increasing demand to get maximum value from every square metre of space, the Cartland delivers as the most cost-effective stacker on the market. To add to the financial benefits,  the lifts speak volumes of any storage facility, they look ‘A million dollars’.

Quick  and simple to use the lift operation is a doddle. Bespoke sizes are available for multiple lift orders of over five units.

At Strongman Lifts we continually strive to improve the design and features of our lifts. Having been in business successfully since 2007, the images on our website reflect that length of time. If there is some particular feature or dimension that is particularly important to you and your purchase, you should check with the office before making any purchase. Thank you.


Additional information

Weight2250 kg
Dimensions5.00 × 1.0 × 1.5 m


  • Overall Width: 2604mm
  • Overall Length: 4377mm
  • Platform Lengths: 4070mm upper 4377mm lower
  • Total Height: 5647mm
  • Platform Thickness: 110mm
  • Lifting Capacity: 2000kg per vehicle
  • Electrical supply standard single-phase 240v
  • 2.2 kW motor
  • Unit Weight 2250kg
  • Power Supply: 240V 50Hz
  • Concrete Spec Required: 8″ 3000psi
  • The motor unit is housed in a separate cabinet often sited behind the lift on the ground.

Technical details

The lifting system is based on twin hydraulic cylinders design which are connected to chains that are attached to the platform itself.

This is a well-proven design and when well maintained has many years of reliable and cost-effective service.

Each platform level automatically lock at their maximum heights.


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