Tamar – Mobile Car Scissor Lift – Mid Rise Car Lift

The new TAMAR is a Mobile Car Scissor Lift (has been fully UKCA tested), making it ideal as a Home car lift and Tyre Bay lift. Together with the Clifton, one of the other mid-rise cars lifts we build, this model has been a permanent feature of our lineup since the business started back in the early ‘Noughties’ and as has remained one of the best sellers throughout all those years. Simplicity itself, ease of use and a keen price ticket have always found ready buyers for the mid-rise scissor. Excellent build quality and reliable components, working off ‘domestic’  220v electrical supply, have made this mobile scissor a regular in our top five sellers list.

The scissor design always delivers reliability and being this compact, gives the users, both home users and commercial workshops great flexibility in where and how it’s used. The new Tamar fully UKCA accredited with a sturdy and foolproof operation, have made this evergreen lift a permanent favourite since we started.

Ideal for working on wheels, brakes and oil changes, this pocket dynamo can be wheeled around any workshop and stored away when not needed.  These attributes make the Tamar an ideal choice for the domestic garage too, where the car can be left up in the air securely resting on its mechanical locking mechanism for as long as the project takes!

The relatively light weight of the Tamar permits it to be moved relatively easily and we’ve seen it stored on its side when not in use, being only 120mm when fully down does mean that it can be stored away quite easily. These features have led to a very wide range of customers using the lift in many different ways, but because of the adaptable design, nearly always successfully.

Some of the more usual business customers include tyre bays, detailers, workshops as an emergency relief ramp, that can be even wheeled around and even temporarily outside if all the other lifts are full.


The New TAMAR Mobile Car scissor Lift has been fully UKCA tested. This mobile car scissor lift has a unique platform design, being a Mid Rise Car Lift it is quite different to any of our other models, it is a load bearing frame from which the four lifting areas pivot. These lifting arms similar to a two post lift, have heavy duty rubber blocks which the user then places exactly where they should go best under the vehicle.

The mobile car scissor lift comes with three sets of blocks, further adding to the usefulness of the lift, as they permit the lift to take on commercial vehicles with higher clearances than with saloon cars.

The dual power cylinders and the unique safety lock bar system offer a good number of locking positions meaning that the vehicle being lifted can be held at the desired position.

The Tamar mobile car scissor lift has been fully CE tested which ensures that modern safety standards are part and parcel of this design, and nothing has been overlooked. This adaptable and hardworking mid-rise lift will still be around for years to come, always improving and always popular. The budget entry price, mobility and flexibility of the Tamar ensure that this high quality lift will remain as one of the most popular mid-rise lifts sold in the UK.

In brief

  • Multiple locking points up to a lifting height of 1.2m
  • Versatile – arms can be adjusted to many positions
  • Load-bearing frame to place the rubber blocks on
  • Mobile car scissor lift and power control box
  • Includes a full 2 sets of heavy-duty premium rubber lifting pads – 30mm & 60mm

At Strongman Lifts we continually strive to improve the design and features of our lifts. Having been in business successfully since 2007, the images on our website reflect that length of time. If there is some particular feature or dimension that is particularly important to you and your purchase, you should check with the office before making any purchase. Thank you.


Additional information

Weight450 kg
Dimensions1.2 × 1.5 × .8 m

Tamar Portable Mid Rise Scissor Car Lift FAQs

How do I use the Tamar scissor lift?

Simply drive over the lift, making sure that your tyres are straddling either side. Then swing out the, lockable, lifting arms to underneath your jacking points or suitable lifting point on the underside of the car. Next, place four of the supplied rubber pads onto the ends of the arms and you are ready to go. 

Simply pressing the up button will raise the vehicle and have it so the wheels are free. Push button operation means that as soon as you take your finger off the up button, the lift stops and does not raise any more.

Is the Tamar portable?

Yes. There are mobility wheels built into the design to enable you to move the unit around your space.

How is the Tamar lift powered?

The Tamar mid-rise lift is powered by a 220-volt power unit that is mounted on a portable cart. The power unit can be positioned to allow for maximum efficiency. This power unit cart is also used to move the Tamar on a smooth level surface. This lift can easily be rolled from an inside work bay to an outside concrete apron work area in just a few minutes.

What hydraulic oil will I need for this car lift?

The Tamar does not come included with hydraulic fluid. You will need 8 litres of  ISO32 hydraulic oil which can be purchased from us.

What power socket will I need?

This car lift comes already fitted with male 16 amp blue Ceeform socket.

A 16A Ceeform socket and 16A motor rated breaker would be required.

I would like to know more about the dual hydraulic rams.

The Tamar features dual hydraulic rams. These are heavy-duty, with British Standard Pipe connections and parachute valves. 

Does the Tamar come with a warranty?

This lift comes with a 12 month component parts warranty. There is no on-site call out warranty implied with this lift. The warranty can be increased to 24 months for an additional £150.

How will my Tamar lift be delivered?

Depending on your premises and unloading facilities, your full rise scissor car lift will be delivered via a tail lift truck. The delivery truck will have a pallet truck so a tarmac or concrete surface to unload onto is needed. If you have a gravel drive they will unload as a kerbside drop, alternatively please contact us for other delivery options.  

We are also able to send any of our products overseas. Find out more about our delivery service.


How do I assemble my Tamar lift?

Although this lift comes 90% pre-assembled, there will be some self-assembly required. This includes connecting cables, hydraulic hoses, attaching lifting arms, adjusting locking mechanism and so on. 

We are able to offer support over the phone and can also provide a self-installation sign-off visit to confirm you have installed your product correctly. Or you can utilise our installation service.



Overall Width: 1080mm (frame)

Overall Length: 1920mm (frame)

Lift Compressed Height: 120mm (lowered onto floor)

Lifting Capacity: 2800kg

Maximum Lifting Height: 1200mm

Lift Arm Standard Width: 1400mm

Lift Arm Guide Slide Length: 380mm


Tamar Dimensions


Spec Sheet:


Tamar – Mobile Car Scissor Lift – Mid Rise Car Lift