Alness XL – Extra Large Parking and maintenance Lift

The ALNESS XL is an extra large Parking Lift, itself a version of our best selling Alness parking lift. The lift can be freestanding or can be pinned down, the mobility kit offers greater flexibility for usage and positioning around the workshop or storage area.

The Alness differs from most of the other parking lifts having an advanced wrap around the post design, that effectively provides much greater strength and stability which can be an important factor when moving the position of the lift.

The Alness XL lift utilises a manual lock release system, which has a single point activation. Moreover, the model features a stronger cross-beam further enhancing the wrap-around post design to give important additional structural strength and stability.

A further advantage of the extra strength construction means that there is no requirement for the lift to be secured to the floor. This can be a useful benefit if the site substructure is unknown, with the possibility of underfloor services, such as pipework, underfloor heating or electrical ducts set within the floor.

The increased platform lifting height permits the Alness XL to be used for the storage of SUV and 4×4 vehicles underneath the platform.


The ALNESS XL is an extra large Four Post Car Lift. This large parking lift is designed with SUV and 4×4 larger cars in mind. The Alness is a four post design, which is probably the most recognised car lift design in the world being stable, reliable, and robust. The lifts themselves are simple and practical to use with easy to use controls and straightforward drive on, drive off platform runways. When installed and working correctly, like their smaller brother the Alness, they add a professional and prestigious look to any garage or car storage business, helping promote an attractive and prosperous image of the business.

One not so well known advantage of the four post design is that it does allow better than average access in and out of the cars parked on the floor, whilst other model designs suffer from the post getting in the way of the opening doors, the Alness & XL models have no such issues.


  • Suitable for larger vehicles such as SUVs and 4x4s
  • Rigid and self-supporting
  • Manual lock release
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial use
  • Inspection / maintenance lift
  • Parking / storage lift

Accessories included

Central tool / jacking tray: the tray can be used to lift your vehicle’s wheels off the platforms when used with a bottle jack or mechanics jack. The tray can also be used for your tools whilst working on your car so you have everything to hand. The tray comes with a drain plug to catch small fluid amounts and then safely drain them away. It’s rated to 1.0T load bearing capacity, however if you want the “real thing” then go for our scissor jacking beam as an optional extra.

Aluminium lightweight up ramp set – these are removable and can be stored on the lift platforms, ensuring no extra floor space is taken up.

Drip tray set – includes three plastic drip trays that can be positioned between the platforms to prevent drips from falling onto your car parked under the platform.

At Strongman Lifts we continually strive to improve the design and features of our lifts. Having been in business successfully since 2007, the images on our website reflect that length of time. If there is some particular feature or dimension that is particularly important to you and your purchase, you should check with the office before making any purchase.
Thank you.

Additional information

Weight1300 kg
Dimensions5.2 × 0.6 × 1.1 m

Alness free standing four post lift FAQs

How is the Alness XL powered?

The robust motor is rated at 2.2 kW.  The motor works off a single phase electrical supply and requires only a 16 amp supply, with safety 24v push button controls.

Is the Alness XL CE compliant?

This free standing four post lift is fully CE compliant with a mechanical sprung-loaded locking mechanism, cable break assembly, parachute valves and 24v dead man controls.

Are the extra accessories included in the price?

Yes, all the accessories are included in the price of the Alness. This includes the mobility kit, jacking tray, drip tray set and aluminium up-ramp set. The price also includes VAT.

What type of vehicles can I store?

The Alness XL is suitable for storing longer vehicles. An SUV or 4×4 would be able to fit underneath the platform.

Will I have enough room to store vehicles on the Alness XL?

To make sure you have enough ceiling height to store two vehicles in the parking space of one, the rule of thumb is to measure the total height of the two vehicles that you’re wanting to store and then add 320mm. This will give you the minimum ceiling height required.

Does this lift come with a warranty?

This lift comes with a 12 month component parts warranty. There is no on-site call out warranty implied with this lift. The warranty can be increased to 24 months for an additional £250.

How will my Alness XL lift be delivered?

Depending on your premises and unloading facilities, your free standing four post lift will be delivered either via a curtain-sided truck (suitable for large premises) or a flatbed truck (suitable for home deliveries). In all cases, a forklift or similar would be required to unload the delivery truck. If you do not have access to a forklift or telehandler then please contact us for other delivery options.

We are also able to send any of our products overseas. Find out more about our delivery service.

How can I install the Alness XL?

This lift does require an element of installation. Please ensure that you have the relevant knowledge and experience in installing garage equipment, we do recommend that you utilise our installation service. If you would like to install it yourself, you need to have mechanical and electrical knowledge and competence. We are able to offer support over the phone and can also provide a self-installation sign-off visit to confirm you have installed your product correctly.



  • Lifting Capacity: 4000 kg (4.0Ton)
  • Lifting Time: 110 Secs
  • Lifting height: 2164mm to top of the platform (under platform 2049 mm)
  • Overall Lift Length inc ramp: 6084mm
  • Overall Lift Length without ramp: 5154 mm
  • Overall Lift Width: 3222mm (excludes side mounted motor gear that adds an extra 250mm)
  • Width Between Posts: 2642mm
  • Overall Post Height: 2716mm
  • Width Between Platforms: 957mm
  • Platform Thickness: 115mm
  • Platform Length: 4865 mm
  • Platform Width: 475 mm
  • Toe Protection Under Platform: 12mm
  • Motor: 3HP
  • Power: 240V Single Phase @16A
    Gross Weight: 1200kg


Optional Accessories

Infill panels – Two options for you to choose from: steel checker plate panels or galvanised steel wave slats. The Infill panels replace the drip trays to provide a solid platform deck.  If you are looking for load bearing panels then choose the galvanised steel slat option. Please note the metal checker plate panel option is sourced from our factory so a longer lead time may incur if ordering retrospectively.

Jacking BeamOur jacking beam is a great addition as it provides a means for your car axle to be lifted, providing a wheel off platform. This enables you to carry out many more inspection and maintenance tasks. The jacking beam comes with 3 mechanical locking positions that allows you to leave the car in the air for a period of time. Rubber block set included.

Click here for Jacking Beam tech sheet



Extra large parking lift

Alness XL – Extra Large Parking and maintenance Lift