Hilton and Moss – Car Storage Facility

Car Lifts and Car Hoist by Strongman Lifts

About The Project

In the summer of 2023, we were approached by Hilton and Moss with a request to increase the capacity of their storage facility.

Following a comprehensive site visit, we utilized CAD technology to determine the maximum number of storage lifts that could be accommodated within the available space. We also brainstormed solutions for transporting the lifts to the top floor of the unit. After extensive discussions with Hilton and Moss, we agreed upon a strategy to crane the lifts to an external canopy area. This led us to engage the services of Cadman Cranes.

Cadman Cranes (www.cadmancranes.com) executed the task of lifting 13 stillages (each with a maximum weight of 2.7 tonnes) to the canopy area on the top of the Hilton and Moss building with utmost professionalism and efficiency. Their precision ensured that neither the lifts nor the building incurred any damage. We extend our deepest gratitude to them for their exemplary performance.

The installation process was initiated, involving 38 units of Donnington Two Post Car Storage lifts, each featuring a platform width of 2.1 meters. This setup effectively created a total of 76 storage spaces. After several weeks of diligent work, the project reached its successful conclusion. All lifts underwent rigorous weight testing and were subsequently approved and handed over to Hilton and Moss. This marked the successful completion of a significant project, demonstrating our commitment to quality and efficiency.

Kindly refer to the images below for a visual representation of the completed installation.

For a comprehensive understanding of the extensive services provided by Hilton and Moss, we cordially invite you to explore their official website at hiltonandmoss.com. They offer a wide range of services, not just car Storage.

Project Details

Car Lift Used


Video by Hilton and Moss:

CAD drawings / Site Visit

Completed Install